The group of PROKS companies

The group of PROKS companies
Proks Capital Ltd. is a part of the group of PROKS companies and specialises in financing of innovation projects. The parent company of the group is Proks Ltd. which is a stable and actively developing company that works in the markets of Latvia and neighbouring Baltic states. The company started its work in 1992 as a wholesale supplier of household appliances. Currently the company takes one of the leading positions among Latvian companies in the sphere of wholesale of household appliances and electronics. During 19 years of successful activity the company gained unblemished reputation among its customers and proved to be a reliable partner that provides premium-quality services in the Baltic market. Proks Ltd. is among 500 best largest Latvian enterprises and in the course of quite a long time it has atypically high for Latvian trade companies credit ratings «B» (IGK) and «7» (Coface). Apart from Proks Ltd. and Proks Capital Ltd., the group consists of:
  • Proks Trade OÜ which is the branch of Proks Ltd. in Estonia.
  • BSTP Ltd. which is a warehouse and logistics complex
  • Alfa Trend Ltd. which is an industrial estate (is being developed)
  • Firma Apriori Ltd. which is a logistical centre (is being developed).